Monday, March 18, 2013

Yikee arrives!

Yikee arrived this afternoon. Ran around in circles sniffing the whole place out like a maniac. Pooed twice. Peed once. Tasted a bit of clorox that was used to clean his mess, shook his head in disbelief. Went out for a walk with me, threw up on the pavement because he's not used to a leash. After awhile he seemed to have gotten the idea of walking on a leash, which was good. He's not eating or drinking, but I guess it's just the whole trauma of today: separating from his parents and finding himself in a completely alien place with a new strange dude who makes his poo disappear with foul smelling and tasting liquid. My life in Ecuador begins in earnest with the arrival of Yikee. Thank you, Eli, he's beautiful. Forgot to mention: after 33 years of waiting, another dream comes true -- to have a dog. When I got burnt with freshly boiled water in Russia at three and a half, the doctors promised me a week at most to live. Thanks to my mother's quick wits and her remembering the traditional burn cure (dog's blood, freshly let out. Just cut the ear, don't kill the dog!), I healed with no scars even, although the extent of my burns was enough to kill me, and if not kill me, then to leave me crippled for life. When I was recuperating, I had a companion in that room, a newborn white puppy. Since then, I had always wanted a dog. Somehow it took 33 years to get there. Yikee, you're long awaited. Welcome to my life.

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