Monday, May 13, 2013

Historic day for LGBT in Mongolia

Today the National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia will present a number of issues for the deliberation by the Legal Standing Committee of the Parliament, among them LGBT issues for the first time in Mongolia. The LGBT Centre of Mongolia and the National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia had collaborated on the research last year, and the findings are being used as arguments for the Parliament. Another dream coming true, getting there, closer and closer to fruition. They tabled the issues two weeks ago, but hadn't gotten around to discussing the agenda, hopefully this time everything will be heard in a just manner, spurring the quicker enactment of the proposed legislation as well as amendments.

PS: Damn! Missing the deliberations because of the dress code for the Parliament (formal attire). Last two years I never got out of my jeans, didn't have a reason to as didn't spend any time anywhere with a strict dress code, so all I have left now are jeans. Need to go shopping at some point for some formal slacks + formal shoes, too.

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