Saturday, May 11, 2013


For U.B.

Remember that you have to remember. Remember everything that does matter and remember everything that doesn't, to a lesser extent, with lesser meaning for reference's sake. Remember to remember people (and why they matter) and what they are to you for everyone you met you met for a reason, be it known or unknown to you then. Remember to remember that you're human, still, that no matter how much meditation you do, you're still a human being with all the humanly follies and triumphs. Remember that everything is transitory, remember the impermanence, remember the beauty of impermanence. Remember that even when everything passes, everything has taken place and so will continue to be in some quantum universe. Remember it's your choices that brought you here, now. Remember to make wiser choices. Remember to love yourself, first and foremost because all other love follows self-love. Remember to be honest. Remember to answer questions, not in your head and then to me, but to yourself, the echo of which I need to hear. Remember.


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