Wednesday, October 16, 2013

[-] 2013, etc.

Over the weekend I got a 20-strong team of queer and straight people to join me on an adventure of sorts: a challenge to make a short movie within 48 hours. The 48 hours film festival is an annual short film festival organised in Mongolia since 2010, elsewhere from even before. The very first time I heard about it from one of the main organisers, Globe International, I was hooked on the idea of entering the festival just once, but never managed before this year. I'm obviously an amateur filmmaker, plus neither could I really boast a filmmaking experience except for what small experience I got writing a screenplay for a queer-themed movie past July, but I thought I could and should manage; after all this is a film festival for amateurs and professionals alike. The LGBT Centre paid the registration fee of 200 thousand, and off we went to make a queer-themed, whatever-genre-gets-alloted-to-us short film. I don't know how well exactly we managed, but the results of our team's effort, a short, science fiction movie called [-] 2013 was submitted on time to enter the competition, was screened yesterday at the Urguu cinema and will be screened again for the community tomorrow evening at Hanzo. It was an incredibly creative and interesting process, and, oh, tight. In terms of time, equipment, people, but loved the whole process and teammates!!! For sure, now that I have gone through this process, filmmaking, and perhaps, just perhaps, making a full feature or two is very appealing, but who knows when and how. Or if, ever. To top it off, last week has also been a very interesting one in terms of other matters, such as heart, finances, etc. But, all is well. Hope to leave for short visa trip over the weekend.

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