Sunday, December 8, 2013

Bangkok, one more time

With the corrective surgery looming tomorrow or the day after (hopefully tomorrow itself), I am hoping this will be the last time I am here for any surgical intervention in the foreseeable future since I've already decided for various reasons (accountability, costs, recuperation period) to have my second surgery (that will take care of my failing/flailing ovaries, etc.) in Mongolia. I've twelve days ahead in which to go for my surgery, recuperate and then to push home. Initial plan was to bring someone I trusted to film the pre/in/post-surgery to be included in a planned documentary to help move the LGBT rights cause in Mongolia even further as well as to help me out and around post-surgery as my arms simply didn't work well following the first surgery, but things didn't work out the way I planned. No worries. If I get Otgoo to film the process before his departure tomorrow evening (although I've my doubts as to his ability to see the entire surgical gore of the procedure), that will be good, too. My 37th hit and passed without much ado, with much gratitude. Except for the emotional ado that's in the past where it belongs firmly. No matter what. Oh and yeah, this pubescent boy's been getting some action, finally, which I am absolutely thrilled about. A new world opened up as if by magic, and boy, is it magic! If I can only be ungreedy about the new experiences... With Silom plans for the night, hey-hey-hey, who knows!...

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