Sunday, December 15, 2013

Reunion, etc.

I had such a very lovely time with my first university classmate Amarbuyan, met her son Eruult for the first time, what a lovely, well-spoken boy! It was a pleasure. As we parted, I said the only words I know are true: everything is a blessing in disguise. Whatever we human beings experience in our lifetimes is meant to make us richer as souls, and that's all that matters, that's all we need to remember. Then wandered off by myself to the MBK for a bit of shopping: some essential oils for burning and a beautifully handmade coconut shell lamp for myself, a necklace for Saku, some lights for my cousin and some friends, and a couple of T-shirts. Now, the rest of the time in Bangkok I will spend quiet and contemplative indoors.

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