Saturday, December 14, 2013

Surgery update

Yesterday was the unveiling, taking off of the post-surgical bandaging and putting on ordinary bandaging with which I can shower. The results of the surgery: I can say that my chest is looking better than before, but the nipples are now non-existent as opposed to reconstructed, my right side of the chest still looks lop-sided. Threw a fit over these. Dr Pichet said he will continue to make it better if I wanted, but I can't, just can't face another surgery on my chest, enough. Too much scar tissue means no sensitivity will be left in the chest skin, and I don't want that, can't have that. But yeah, ok, my chest will look better than before despite the scars. Scars are adornment of a man, but I will at some point get scar treatment, the technology is becoming amazing. Signing off to listen to Zemfira.

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