Thursday, December 26, 2013

The eyes of others - II

"The slayer of hearts. The slayer who loves, above all, and who is loved. The gentle assassin, me. Unwitting victims from afar, hearts hemorrhaging, morphing into words, spilling out in music and colours. 
The gentle assassin whose only fault is his limitless heart." 
-- A.N., 10/10/2012

The gentle assassin who "kills" with love. Is that a bad death? I'd say no. Having felt everything that love unlocks in me and having vicariously experienced through others what that unlocked love gives them, I'd say that would be the best death to die from. Time to love again came, and it is Now. How is still the question. What do they see, the eyes of others? But do I even care about what they see, the eyes of others? If that was and still is nothing to care about, what lies ahead? To live without footsteps, to live without a road ahead is what I choose again and again: to remain free of everything that would tie me down and hold me back. The free spirit. The slayer of hearts. The gentle assassin.

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