Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The landing strip

The screeching of the airplane engines just as they are descending for landing was etched in my brains. I thought the sound would be in my brains for years, but now it’s just a mere memory. Sometimes the parts of the planes would be reported to have fallen off and landed nearby. Imagine a huge surprise if you lived in a house much like ours, a wooden traditional Japanese house with two floors, tatamis, sliding doors and all, and all of a sudden – bang! – the living room bursts into flames. No, it never happened with us, but I am sure it happened with neighbours. The subconscious unease aroused by constant noise pollution was the eternal state of mind in that house. I couldn’t wait to get away... The screeching of the past landing and vanishing from my horizons is exactly this affair. Except, right now I am back living under that air strip, waiting to get away.

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