Sunday, January 12, 2014

They came - VII

He lives in the colours of my heart: blood red, singing orange, screaming yellow, loving blue, pure white... He is the colours running through my veins. Purity incarnate, he loves. Honesty incarnate, he is blinded by his love for me for he breathes love. He recognises me from thousands of years ago when we first met, eyes locking, souls touching, lips agape, and all that remained around us and in us was love, gold, molten, liquid. We parted millennia ago to come together in this life again, to complete the karmic circle. He breathes colours: soldiering black, psychedelic purple, hesitant grey, deepest, calmest green and warmest blue. He is my endless ocean, he is my joy, he is my heady victory, on-my-knees defeat, my daily prayer of strength, my screaming heart sealed tight. Every day I write him in my blood, toxic, contagious rainbows shooting arrows of light into the far end of the universe. Every day I caress his soul, keeping it afloat, keeping it alive for we must survive.

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