Saturday, January 4, 2014


While in Ecuador, I began to see the next big thing I had to do: VISARTIVISM (a term coined by yours truly) for the queer + any other social cause actually, a continuation of my activism in a different realm, through a different medium with the same message(s). Which was why I went into the 48 hours short film festival in October, backed and supported by my good old and exciting new friends, co-conspirators in the matters of humanity for we are all humans, despite our differences in who we love, or who we feel we are intrinsically in terms of gender identity. 

Parallel lives, unparallel parallels: the day before, while starting to work on the detailed script of the movie I'd developed the characters and the storyline for in July last year, I was shocked to see that recently I got reacquainted with the "real" protagonist of the movie in the face of my young friend, Be Waterr: his life, life philosophy, his occupation/passion, his personality, his music tastes, his even lovelife I had described as though I was copying him long before I even laid my eyes on or took an interest in him through a mistaken identity situation. His works are also what I visualised for my protagonist to express himself through. There are no coincidences in life, are there?...

Today is the first Saturday of a brave new year of 2014. After getting my mind fucked by Reygadas' "post Tenebras Lux" (thanks, Dreamers' Day! you will yet pay the price for boggling my mind in the form of having to read a long analysis of what I thought I witnessed on the screen), I had a good, two-hour long meeting with a young (not agewise) and upcoming, award-winning film director who got my storyline and gave me many valuable tips on where, what and how. Most of all, his word to be my main co-conspirator. The next two weeks I shall be engrossed in the detailed script, after which we meet again, and get on with the second, most grand dream of mine: to leave a legacy in the form of a movie to Mongolia that will lead to even better acceptance of LGBTQ people. I have a composer, I have a director, I need funds, but I'm so positive that I will get them. I'm chuffed beyond belief, can't stop grinning, my brains are bursting (again, thanks guys at Dreamers' Day), my mind is whirling with thousands of images that were helped further by the similarity between Be Waterr and my protagonist, my fingers are itching... Ah, life couldn't be better!

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