Friday, February 14, 2014

Bionazism: impending future of the humankind?

Theory number 31: bionazism is looming on the horizon! What a start to a love day huh. Last night I met up with a bright, rebellious, humane and curious soul who shares my love for humanity and humans, all humans, men, women, trans, cis, you name it. As we got discussing the state of technology today, I came up with this term "bionazism", which is basically what will happen as the technology becomes more available to every Tsetsegee and Tumuruu, Jane and John who, thanks to the rapid advancement of technology will choose not only the gender of their children, perhaps, even their sexual orientation, but also their health. No longer will there be genetically errant humans devoid of human feelings who will turn out to be serial killers or corporate killers (same thing! watch the BBC doco "Good or Evil"), no longer will there be the very basis of any sort of violence. Meaning that the very genetic diversity of humankind that has given rise to horrors as well as triumphs of humanity that throughout history propelled the humanity forward (dialectics, nothing but dialectics!) will no longer be the driving force. Value-filtered, monetary-driven, market-oriented values will be the determinants of who is deemed valuable (read docile consumer) enough to be born... And if there are already genetically "errant" people living then, they will be prohibited from reproducing. Bionazism appears to be very real thing to take place in the next 100-150 years. Would I choose to live in that kind of society? Yes. Would I even be born in that society? No idea :) Happy Valentine's Day!

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