Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy third anniversary of blogging, etc.

Today marks the beginning of a fourth year since I began blogging. This blog has chronicled my life, the good-bad-ugly of self and others, the days and nights of a single for the past three years cyborg (who has begun thinking of giving up his cyborghood in favour of a coupled life), the two years and eight months of hormone replacement therapy and transition-related surgeries, and my love life that has remained conspicuous in its lack of human presence, but rich in daily adventures. Happy third anniversary of spilling my guts in the most exhibitionist manner. Happy third anniversary, my cis readers, who could glean an insider view into the life of a transman. Happy third anniversary, all my loves, past and present, who are celebrated daily in this space. Happy third anniversary, happy writing, happy loving, happy suffering, happy living, happy staying in the now, here!

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