Saturday, April 26, 2014

love letters on a napkin

and i miss the hands that created poetry with colours for the lack of words. as i sit and write these words in a crowded club on a friday night, i again admit that words are just not enough, sometimes, that some of us express through different means, and that i am missing that medium in action, the witnessing of beauty coming to life in front of my eyes. all i know is i know nothing. all i have are words, and they were not enough to make you flow with absolute certainty. my words will never be enough. i am not enough, i will never be enough for you. but you, you were enough. more than enough. choices. choices that we make. choices that we don't make. and every time i'm at hanzo, i think of you because we had two dates there, the only one i've ever dated in hanzo. every time i'm in hanzo, i see in my mind's eye: you sitting comfortably next to me, not caring for what others would think of you and i, and creating poetry, while i watched you, your face, your hands mouth agape, in awe with your talent, in awe of you. when are you going to leave me alone in peace?!...

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