Sunday, April 20, 2014

post-hibernation peace

out of the hibernation, the necessary hibernation that i had to travel in solo. the space of dreams, thoughts interwoven with flashes of insights leading to feathery revelations of peace and serenity, now fully reclaimed. bubbles of joyful existence running through my soul again. not for any reason, no reason, i am reason enough, once more, for myself. pieces of my heart reclaimed, taken back, no longer a senseless gift to someone, just my own. revelations of journeys and what they held for me. travels in the spheres of spirits that showed me the possibilities of the impossible, for others, that i had always thought possible. the past left behind, made peace with. feathery revelations of spaces to come, to be, full of greenest souls. thank goodness for all that i go through: if not for the madness, i may never experience the peace. peace, serenity, stillness of the mind. finally.

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