Saturday, May 31, 2014


the very last night, unwittingly, in the place i'd lived in since last year mid-september. time to say goodbye to the memories i hugged to my soul. to the  things that have ravaged my soul that it became unrecognisable with all the bruises. to the obsession that had ruled my life where nothing remained in it but just one face. thank you to all those times i sat in the darkness hugging my knees, caressing the air and letting my tears of the past and present, and the feelings of the now flow. to all those times i sat in the bathtub hugging myself screaming inside my head and sometimes, out loud, voicing despair of being unheard spilling out in long moans. to all those times i had chosen to drown in my delirium, for anything was better than my present. to all those genuine feelings, shared, that were shunned at the end by he who came into my life so meaningfully, but left it so meaningless, left it so meaninglessly. time to say goodbye. right? right. am ready. time to explore the new territories of the heart and soul... oh, but the feelings, the feelings  remain. if i could only kill them...

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