Tuesday, May 13, 2014

shiny, golden, silver

silver was the sky today. silver were the tiniest snowflakes dropping from the clear skies. when i stood outside smoking my cigarette, they continued to fall. i caught one. they were not snowflakes of ethereral icicles travelling to kiss the earth, they were tiny droplets of starmatter, shiny. golden was my soul when i saw him walk down the road, flicking his beautiful raven hair, bouncy, flamboyant walk of a happy man. golden were my eyes that drank him in, insatiably wandering over his skinny-encased legs, the gentle curves familiar to the point of tearing at my insides. no bleeding, just tearing, just flowing. golden was my heart today. golden was my smile today that lingered through the meetings with some of the most controversial political figures. golden was the glow of his happiness that lingered in my soul. golden are you, golden am i...

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