Monday, June 2, 2014

Landscapes, internal and external: hail, hail, Mohanik!

"Come with me" said the wolf. A rainbow was put into my hand, "Hold on tight to it". 
 In the fire made of water and ether, I see the wolf, and it seems it is me. 
-- "Wolf dance", Mohanik

Four people who came together for music, the shared passion, journeying, soul-searching, star-gazing, cloud-hopping, dreaming, drowning, crawling, screaming, shivering in the corners of their mental cells, and then soaring higher than the clouds beyond all that is real and tangible into the realms of the intangible. Journeys internal and external, harsh landscapes of spirit-chilling darkness alternating with shiny brightness of the reverse negatives spilling out in the auditory feast that the album "At Amarbayasgalant" is. The first time I heard this band was back in 2009 during our UN New Year party. All I did was kind of go "Oh, cute", dismiss them since I don't do the cute, or the young: "A bit too undefined". Then, during the last year's Playtime when I arrived around 4pm, they were playing their new stuff which simply took my breath away. I stood there alone swayed and journeyed into their worlds with closed eyes, face upturned to the setting sun. The soul bits I heard in their new music resonated deeply within my own... Well, there were many things that took my breath away during the last Playtime, Mohanik's new stuff was the prime. Seeing two skinhead guys kiss in front of everyone (imagine!) and not give a damn, everyone around not give a damn, either, was another. Mono's guitarist making love to his guitar, giving me chills to the end of my toes, was another. Back to Mohanik: their roots are undeniably punk, but the way they've evolved, oh, I call that genuine, true art with multifold messages both spirituality- and reality-bound, their sounds reminiscent of the best '60s psychedelic rock, grungey punk rock, native American music (pronounced drums, chanting in some of their songs), and most importantly, our ancient roots of folk music present and underlying all of their new album: the Buddhist philosophy, shamanism, seeking and reaching the freedom of self... When I witness the true art, it gives me chills to the point of sexual arousal, which happened to me for the second time this year (the first was on the morning of 30 January when I got my second-best gift in my life). Hats off. All I can wish for them is to keep journeying further into the brave new world.

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