Tuesday, July 15, 2014

insanest | sanest

the last four and a half months have been quite possibly the most insane months in my life. i am just about quite detached enough to see everything for what it has all been about. a lot of crawling. a lot of processing. a lot of pain. ultimately, a lot of gratitude without wanting to stay there, but nonetheless the full acknowledgment is here. affirmations. the directions that i've been going in firming up. attachments. insane feelings finally loosening up. final dots to the "i"s. gratitude, above everything else. forgiveness. of myself crawling and bawling my eyes out and acting towards someone in ways that were unacceptable (hey but i was only saying what was eating me). final hallelujahs that, i deeply hope, will usher in a new era of my spiritual and bodily existence. insanest period leading to sanest choices. amen.

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