Saturday, July 19, 2014

memory lane: lawcommotion

the strawberry fields growing into a full-fledged uni-based rock festival called lawcommotion where many rock bands were discovered... nearly a lifetime ago, isn't it. how the time flies. before i knew it, i am a middle-aged rocker dude, single, still, still into LGBT rights, my life's mission, and still sick in the heart. the summer of 1996, the strawberry fields, the summer of 1997, lawcommotion. sick to the soul with love, i remember i spent both of these festivals drifting in and out of the crowd, always the loner. the lawcommotion especially stands out as it rained and rained and rained. today the playtime, the biggest live music event in mongolia, begins. ah, soul's delight, music... i have a companion, a puppy, this year. hopefully we will be let on the bus. signing off and out.

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