Sunday, September 14, 2014

farther from time

i broke you, but you are whole, still. i cut you, but you are whole, unharmed. i left you, but you're still here, going nowhere. i am so far. far. far. yet near. but farther, always farther from time because time is just something in our heads, manifesting at stoppages. "WE", stopped. you ground me into minuscule pieces, all of me disintegrating into nothing till there was just one point of existence left - you.

gone. going. gone. going. gone...but  not quite. immobile. stone-like.



now is eternity. eternity is now.

choices, intellectualisation, bareness of feelings. gone, done. inability to leave. to hang. to hope after nothing.

i should've left you when i could. which was never. 

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