Sunday, September 7, 2014


For the Nth time in my life I'd gone down on my knees to only be kicked in the face. And what of it?! Just makes me more determined than ever. I have mooned away most of this year, living in the past, living in the afterglow, but enough. The reality is hitting hard. Hitting harder than ever before. Hitting so hard and driving the point home that I had left some things hanging, things that should've never been left hanging. No matter how insanely I fall in love, it ain't no excuse for not pulling my weight. The heavyweight didn't pull his traditional 150% this year. So much wasted time, energy, all for the feelings that left me gutted, vaporised and near dead at the end. No more being gutted. No more being seen as nothing. I am manning up! Say hello to the dude who is in control of his life, for good.

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