Wednesday, September 10, 2014


So the team's been working, working hard on getting the Equality and Pride Days off its concept and into realisation. Seeking corporate sponsorship ended in a full fiasco as none of the biggest companies and corporations in Mongolia came about and supported the fact that we, LGBT folk, also constitute their consumers, their very specific subset of consumers. Even the foreign companies never responded, even the ones that have sophisticated corporate social responsibility programs (honestly, not many of those are around as the corporate social responsibility appears to only be a thing of distributing presents to children on Mother and Child Day, mostly). What compounds it all is that after a month of negotiations with various cultural spaces, we were denied access to them, whether private or public (meaning the spaces that run on our, taxpayers' monies). And it opened a huge can of worms for me: till what day and age are we supposed to be happy with the scraps we are given as a community with very specific needs and realities?! How come, after many meetings with over thirty five companies with multi billion turnover a month, we have to end up begging friends and families for the funds that are still lacking?! How come, after all my life as a tax-paying adult, I am now scratching my head and howling at the inaccessibility of public spaces that we so readily should be able to utilise to spread the human rights message of equal rights and dignity of everyone regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity?! How come, even after meeting with the like-minded, critically-oriented 'outsiders' to the common disease of the humanity, we are at the point of possibly having to call off the whole thing because none of the public or private cultural institutions are ready to spread the message of equality?! I can't begin to express all that's boiling inside... All I want to say is "Shame on you!" to all the people who had promised the spaces and went back on their honour. All I want to say is "We will keep fighting till we are heard and seen just as we are, beautiful in our diverse humanity." 

Coming home tonight I, for the Nth time since my appointment with the Centre in February this year, thought of my ex-wife who was my right hand, left brain and the mastermind of everything good and wicked, too. If I were coming home to someone I loved, all this would've been a piffle. We would sit, strategise and come up with even greater ideas of getting the world see and hear us. Coming through the door tonight, I called out to my new cat, Lucy the annoyingly talkative pussycat who deigns to answer only when she feels like it, unlike Sissi who would simply be rolling on the floor purring with the pleasure of having me back home to rub his fat tummy... Ah, the lonesome times! Ah, the great year of troublesome, messy heart affair! Ah, the joys and tribulations!... Not ready to give up, oh, no. Tomorrow is another day. And another. And another. You can knock me around, but you can't ever knock me down, at least, not for long.

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