Thursday, October 9, 2014

when the past comes knocking

especially the past where things were left murky, unexpressed, rotten from the silence of cruel denial. where silence was the only answer to all your communications of love, need and care, you can't afford to open the gates. emotionally you are so blinded, eaten away by howling, never-ending hurt at having been treated like a non-human, like your feelings and emotions and their expressions were nothing, like all you are is a big zero. an empty sound. a nothingness. to be so torn inside your soul that you can't dare to let it get ripped further apart by the same old thing. to be so heartbroken that all you want is to disappear. to be so soul assassinated that all you are is a big dark void. how can anything be alright?!... how can i just let you in back in any shape or form that will eventually still hurt me?... you had nothing new to say that i didn't already know. to hurt someone so badly and never understand that, how can anyone be so callous, so selfish and so blind?.....

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