Tuesday, November 25, 2014

love letter of day twenty three

mesmerised, i stare at you. "i take pictures of you in my head all the time", i tell you. you laugh, ask if that's possible. anything and everything is possible when you're with me. i spend my busy and sometimes not-so-busy days daydreaming of you, replaying the footage of more than three weeks of happiness together: your beautiful eyes, your fluid movements, the feel of your skin, tender, velvety, the sound of your breathing, the caught-in-the-throat sighs, your gorgeous you-smell, the fullness, content and peace you give me. if all we see in others is our own reflection, i must be just as beautiful as you are, and i can hardly believe it, still.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

ode to rolling oceans

rolling oceans of peace, happy peace, and content. calmness of a joyful movement of the senses. you are my peace, my urgent passion, my heartbeat, my soul intercoded. you are my expansive joy of being reawakened. my lover. my desires mirrored. my dream awake. my beautiful man.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

stay with me

floating... floating on a breath that takes me thousands of miles upwards and inwards into you and me... floating on your beautiful scent, sublimely innocent yet urgent... floating with our eyes closed, only our fingertips are ablaze with each millimetre of the terra nova... up, up, up and up!... stay with me all the way, stay locked within my gaze, don't look down, don't freak out...

you are now etched in me as i am in you.


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