Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy 2015, theory number 35, etc.

As I made a promise on the night of 31 December 2013 of keeping things in a mad roller-coaster mode for the coming year, I didn't know how much of that was prophetic: from the realisation that I had written a whole movie scenario in July 2013 about a queer boy whom I never met at the time of writing it, but who nevertheless materialised in my life, turning it into a series of deep plunges into hellish spaces for most of the year. After all said and done, thankfully I finally have an ending to the plot that got stuck the moment I realised the main protagonist of my movie had waltzed into my life unbeknownst to me. As 2015 approached, I found myself truly happy, much loved and very peaceful, and in a relationship with a man for the first time in my life. He's kind, beautiful and has an acute case of smarties. Don't know how I deserve him, but it's been a lovely time with him, peaceful and happy. As 2015 approached, I knew I had to begin starting making changes in the mode of my life: being more responsible about my health state. To begin, my smoking -- something that had kept my hands and lungs occupied since the day I turned 21 -- goes. Since 1 January, I was really good in that I had smoked just one, if any, cigarette up until two days ago when I went out the first time since 2015 began, and had smoked 5 cigarettes in the course of the evening... Time to dig out the e-cigarette I bought last year as suckling on something, if not the nicotine, still appears to be something of an addiction. 

Next come the diet and food-related resolution on the basis of my theory number 35: that nomadic nutrition/lifestyle is something very distinct from what we have now in the urban spaces in Mongolia. Nomadic lifestyle/nutrition must've been pretty much the following: high calorie food intake of less than twice a day, much physical activity in strenuous conditions, meaning that most of livestock breeders had traditionally survived on a-little-above-starvation rations. For all the generations of nomadic civilisation, my genetic code should by all means be very much attuned to small amounts of food requiring much physical activity for staying fit. Being just the second generation urbanite as opposed to my nomadic livestock breeder grandparents, my genetic code could be very much inclined to extreme obesity, diabetes, etc., all diseases of urban jungles, thus: a lean diet with nuts and dried fruits as snacks, not more than one meat-based meal a day, lots of water, preferrably with lemon or at least lemon juice. 

Not many resolutions were made this year as I am learning to take baby steps to reach grand goals. so far, I am sticking by them, and that's good enough. 2015 should see my full-fledged full documentary come to screens small and big, and the feature as well, should I succeed in raising the funds for it. But these films are definitely not a part and parcel of new year resolutions, they are simply in the firm plans. Baby steps. Happy 2015!


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