Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dreams = intuition

I was just cleaning one of my email inboxes of years of shit, and I just found an email that made me smile and go "Dang, I am intuitive!" I'd noted and sent an email to myself on 14 September 2011, a bewildered note that goes:
Dang, I'm weird. I mean my dreams are weird. They are sometimes so true, but sometimes so off-base it is liver-crushingly hilarious. Maybe it is me, after all, who's weird. I dreamt that I was enjoying the body of a trans guy. That sounds really tame, but it wasn't, believe me, not if one gets the magnitude of what I was doing to him. There is just one other trans guy around in my vicinity, my bro. He's as fanciable as a ton of bricks crushing a one-cell organism, unless and until one's into that kind of thing. Very un-me. Thank god it wasn't my bro, I would've woken up much shaken in the face of the travesty, drenched up in cold sweat over the question "Just what in the hell was I doing to him just then?!" For hours I didn't even remember that dream, then bam! - a dream memory of a tall, lanky, good-looking Caucasian trans guy on a table, of all the places, me pouring myself out into all that action eliciting such exquisite response... That was definitely truly weird, because I never thought about trans men or cis men sexually. Where did that come from?!...
My gay feelings began, unbeknownst to me, already in September 2011. Good god. I guess I am where I am supposed to be, after all, given all my dreams have often materialised shocking the hell out of me later on upon realisation that I, indeed, had done this or that in my dream before the reality hit.

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