Sunday, November 29, 2015

'forever' is made up of 'now's

patterns repeating. patterns of souls repeating themselves at different eras. being flung back into the space of the bygone eras as they were, feelings never changing, flailing to breathe,  to make sense. always failing. with every failure, the only thing holding me afloat is the sense that i gave it all. that i gave my all. to each and every thing i did. to each and every human i'd loved.

still the meaning eludes. still patterns remain. still, i seem to be only one loving more. or loving at all.

there is very little love one finds in one's lifetime. unless it is obsessive and all-encompassing, should one even call it love? unless and until it is with the utmost care for the one you love, should one even claim it to be love? no, and no.

forever is made up of now. or nows. if those were found to be lacking in spirit, courage and feeling, one can't be blamed for still beig the seeker.

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