Thursday, June 23, 2016

location, activities, social networks, etc.

somehow something tells me that ex is updating his Facebook with his present locations and activities, which are worthwhile and laudable, truly, but which he never did while together: lest i demand to be tagged in his posts, i've always suspected, and which he didn't want to do. not to mention that he was always so critical of my time using Facebook which i had to because of work... break up we do, and he's oh so active on his Facebook. cuts me bone-deep every time i realise it was what it was: a relationship where i was something to be ashamed of, a relationship that had to be hidden away. but that's alright. i'm getting closer to peace. with every passing zero day, i remind myself that it's not worth it. that, the way he treated me and our relationship, it just was never worth it in any sense, ever. connecting with one of my exes helped. not to gloat, but i realised again that i was, am indeed a very special soul. one and a half years with someone who didn't see me made me forget, but i was reminded of what i am, of what i was, of what i will still be. every time i'm going through a tough time, exes help me by reminding me that i am still loved. that my essence is still missed and loved greatly by them... we all make our choices, and i've learnt to live with my choices and others'  choices, making the best of all that's there. a perspective, a much needed perspective is being regained. thank you, universe.

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