Friday, March 17, 2017

The past and the future intertwined

I woke up remembering one of the dreams I had last night. In short, I woke up in a threesome where I was apparently making out with the past and the future versions of my ex. Or maybe I thought they were one and the same person, maybe there were two. All I remember doing is sitting up, getting them to kiss each other, and leaving out of the door. It was snowing outside, in a city I don't remember having been in, all grey and quietly joyful. That dream gave me an inspiration for three portraits if only I could paint... With my unyielding addiction to my emotions, I'm presently reliving the past two and a half years and talking to myself in half-aware states, it seems.

With everything said and done, a courage of heart was never something I lacked.

I pray it stays intact.

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